Feed Your Sweet Tooth

Pike & Sons is truly a family owned and operated business. Renee Pike created the business out of a love of candy making and a desire to connect with her boys. This military family faces the struggles of deployment but have chosen to bond through fudge. Renee has years of experience in baking, candy making, and even cake decorating and is passing on that knowledge to the next generation. Dillon and Zachary are intimately involved in every aspect of the business from making fudge to selling at San Diego markets to making business decisions with Mom. With the launch of the new website, Pike and Sons will be able to showcase theor products, fulfill orders, inform customers of nearby events and even promote brand new creationsin the works! Renee and the boys have been featured on television several times which has made a big impact on the boys and the business. This small company is ready for 2016!!!

"As a mom I get to not only work with my kids on something they enjoy but I get to teach them how to think outside of the box. I get to show them that you can do anything if your heart and mind is set on the same goal." Renee Pike

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