It's Truly a Renaissance Approach

1904 Apothecary Lane was created by Kristie Dubin. She is a renaissance woman with creativity pumping through her veins. Between soaps, oils, aprons, steampunk jewelry, photography, raising chickens, and avid gardener she is also a wife and mother. Where she finds the time and energy to devote to a wide array of pursuits, one can only guess. As a co-founder of San Diego Small Business Forum, I had the opportunity to work with Kristie. She was an enormously fun client but also utterly professional in her approach.

Creativity has been at the center of it all since the beginning. According to Kristie, being creative can be a tornado of fun. The house usually looks like a tornado has hit it! One day there will be fabric and thread all over the place...the next minute Kristie looks like a mad scientist making up a batch of soap! Because of the support and encouragement from friends and family, Kristie started her company. She is old school with new-age flair. Her website reflects her need for perfection in everything she does so make sure to subscribe to stay on top of all her latest creations.

"I have always been curious and creative. I love learning how things are made and how I can make them myself. Ever since I was a kid I have always loved making things that make people happy." Kristie Dubin

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