Women Always Need a Little "Me" Time

I met Danielle Apparito at an event in Chula Vista. She was sweet, knew her product inside out and took the time to learn about my skin and needs. In getting to know her over the past few months, I found she has actually been involved with animals, especially horses since she was a toddler, even starting the 4-H Bonita Chapter. She loves to fundraise for charities but horses are still a big part of her life. She was married just last year and has twin nephews so balancing all the facets of life is a challenge. If anyone know what it means to need a little pampering, it’s Danielle.

“We all know the old saying, men work from sun up to sun down, but a women's job is never done.” Danielle Apparitio

Having dabbled in many career paths from assisting with a family-owned business, to working in veterinary fields, a pet memorial park and most recently 911/Fire dispatching, Danielle loves to show women how to de-stress and get a little “me” time into their day. She is with Perfectly Posh, which is the quintessential “fun” product line. With names like Snarky Bar, Da Bomb, Stripper, and Drop Dead Gorgeous you wouldn’t imagine that the products are made with simple, natural ingredients and essential oils. They even have vegan options and there is no animal testing. Yes, that would be a major reason why Danielle chose this company out of a love for animals. I myself, have tried the mask and am thrilled with the scent and the result but I am especially happy to buy from a real person and a terrific company.

Danielle Apparito is based out of San Diego. She is a member of the San Diego Small Business Forum and her products and links can be found on the SDSBF Fabulous Member Pinterest Board. You can also purchase directly from her page with the links below or follow her Facebook page. If you would like to have her at events, she is professional and her displays are gorgeous.

To Purchase https://www.perfectlyposh.com/DaniL/start?pref=19806

Danielle’s Facebook https://www.facebook.com/pamperwithDani

SDSBF Pinterest Board https://www.pinterest.com/sdsbf/fabulous-sdsbf-members-shopsdsbf/

#shopsdsbf Hashtag can be found on mutiple social media platforms to find shops supported by SDSBF

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