by Edel C. Vernazza

December 27, 2015

A great display at your booth attracts the eye of the shopper. Yes, everyone knows this but do you ever just feel uninspired and don't know what to do with your table or canopy? Pinterest is an amazing inspirational app that can feed the imagination! We have collected a few pictures from recent events and inspiration from boards across Pinterest. These sellers did a great job showcasing their product, personality and made their space feel welcoming. Follow the SDSBF Pinterest Boards for even more inspiration!

by Edel C. Vernazza

January 2, 2016

Preparing for events is the key to being successful. Being prepared can mean the difference between being on time or late, being able to accept credit cards or cash only, being to display your products properly or just throwing them out on the table. Bottomline, the list is key. We've compiled a very basic list that most vendors would find useful. Customize our template for your needs. SDSBF members, just request the template from Edel or Shawna  via

Vendor Selling Techniques

by Edel C. Vernazza

January 2, 2016

A successful vendor has a method to their madness. Here are just a few, simple tips to keep in mind for your next event.

1 - Dress appropriate for the event. In some cases it could be casual but others are more formal. Keep the weather in mind, dress in layers so you can be flexible. Even for indoor events, you never know what the conditions will be. If possible, wear  clothing that has your company’s logo /name.

2 - Use drawings or incentives to attract your customers; everyone loves free stuff. You can raffle a product, service or gift card. Display a sign to attract potential customers. Have drawing slips printed and ready with email and address section so  you can send information to the potential customers. 

3 - Smile, be friendly to everyone; you never know who your next client will be. Have a positive attitude and speak to everyone that stops by your booth.

4 - Don’t leave your booth unattended. Someone may be interested in your product when walking by, they will have no one to talk to about it if you leave your booth empty

5 - Make it easy to buy from you: have cash to make chang and extra bags.

6 - Every time you sell an item, replace it with another. The booth should always be full of product.


Choose the Right Event

by Edel C. Vernazza

January 2, 2016

Ask the Event Sponsor/Coordinator Questions

  1. Who is the coordinator?

  2. What is their reputation?

  3. Does the coordinator communicate well with the vendors?

  4. What other events have they been a part of?


Cost: Is there a reasonable ROI?

  1. Is there a reasonable expectation of sales at the event?

  2. Does the event cost fit into your overall marketing budget for the year?

  3. If the event is more about networking, look at attendees. Do you know them already? Will  this turn into a vendor selling to vendor day and is that okay?

  4. Is there a chance for publicity at the event that could help future sales?


Location & Marketing

  1. Where will the event  take place? Outdoor? Indoor?

  2. What is the foot traffic like around the venue?

  3. Will the event have public access?

  4. Will the event have media?

  5. Is your logo included in all the promotions?










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